About AES
The Drive to Success

People are our business and our business is people.

Why: we do what we do

  • Integrity and Fairness are key building stones not only in our everyday business relationship with our clients but also with our management and staff.
  • We aim to provide an unmatched service from inception to completion to create balanced projects to stand as monumental testimony of our Corporate Policy.
  • We aim to incorporate the triple bottom line approach (CSR)

Who: we are

  • AES was established in September 2012. Operating across the Middle East from our offices based in Dubai, we serve an international clientele providing them with a host of services related to the events and construction scaffolding industry.
  • AES was born to meet the needs of existing clientele, and exceed the expectations of future clients and regional demands.
  • With more than 14 years experience we provide a comprehensive, high quality scaffolding program at a competitive rate in both construction and event industries.
  • All our materials conform to the highest safety standards and are regularly inspected and maintained.We believe that our competitors cannot match in terms of customer service, quality of scaffolding and depth of resources.
  • Where: we do it

  • We work hand in glove with a number of international suppliers to ensure the Middle East is provided with the highest quality technological advanced products while operating in such a dynamic and competitive market.