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Dar al Zain Festival

Dar al Zain Festival

(Video Credit - AbuDhabiEvents)

The show must go on! All Events Services provided shelter for the Dar al Zain Festival stage, amid poor weather forecasts.

December 2017 saw the creation of a special 'outdoor village' at the Al Ain Convention Centre, Al Ain, packed with entertainment, food and activities. It was the first-ever Dar Al Zain Festival that took place between 14th and 23rd of December 2017. The festival organised by Level Productions, was a great success and planning for a second 2018 event is already underway.

As well as live music shows the festival ran a variety of entertainment including a glow theme flower garden/maze, in celebration of light and colour that delighted all festival-goers. In addition, the fun area featured a pirate train, soft playground, large customised colorbook and a wishing stand.

Katharina Martens, Event Manager for Level Productions spoke of the new event,

"The purpose of this festival was to create a fun family event for all Al Ain residents and residents from all GCC countries, creating more awareness about Al Ain City as a place to come and enjoy. This event kicks off the winter season in Al Ain and was a great show to keep residents entertained during the school holidays"

Due to the high winds and wet weather forecast for the opening weekend, many outdoor events including the Al Ain festival was threatened to be spoilt. Although the UAE has some of the best winter weather around, it is still the time of the year when the likelihood of poor weather can catch event organisers out.

Andy Fulcher, All Events Services Director of Operations discussed the complex setup,

"While we don’t have prolonged days of bad rain, when forecast, we experience heavy torrential spells. In this instance, AES were asked to come in to offer a solution to cover their stage which had be been setup for the event.

A request for a roof/cover for a stage would be considered a simple job for AES, as we specialize in event structures, particularly for live shows. The complex challenge we had to solve for the Dar Al Zain Festival was that there was an existing stage in place that required covering and it had to be built within 48hrs!"

Dar Al Zain Festival 3
All Events Services team working through the night.

AES Skyliner Canopy construction - Dar Al Zain festival

"Normally, overhead roof structures would have been built first and then the stage can be built afterwards underneath. The stage, sized approx. 30m x 8m with 10m high trussed frame, supported approx. AED 3,000,000 worth of lighting and sound equipment, so the setup required a water resistant solution to ensure the equipment was not damaged.

Due to the time constraints, the AES Skyliner (SL32) canopy was an ideal cover to use. The shelter is a modular truss system that can be built quickly and has the capability to provide up to 12m-height clearance, just right for this build.

Usually, the AES Skyliner is setup on 8 legs; the circular roof frame is assembled at ground level and then raised to the required height. On this build, with the stage in place, we decided to use a new technique and built a scaffold support structure for the back supports. The roof framework was then built at height onto the scaffold and front trusses."

Dar Al Zain Festival 2
New building technique with scaffold structure to support the back of the Skyliner.

The whole system was built in 48hrs, working day and night, the AES team managed to provide the adequate cover for the stage.

Rob Alter, site manager with Level Productions, commented on the service they received,

"It was a pleasure to work with All Events Services again, as they went above and beyond to ensure that we could deliver the live show part of the festival, in what normally would never have been possible.

Everyone is amazed with how great the Skyliner looks and how it compliments the existing stage structure, the set up actually looks like we had planned it all along! I know the long hours everyone put in made it all worthwhile and we were so pleased that our live shows went ahead successfully."

All Events Services Skyliner Canopy - Dar Al Zain Festival – Sound check

The AES Skyliner is an event canopy that can transform any outdoor location into a fully operating event venue. Whether you are looking to host an intimate gathering or a large music concert, with the quick construction time and elegant design, the AES Skyliner is the perfect cover for any occasion.

All Events Services provide bespoke solutions to all event structure requirements that event agencies or organisers have. If you are looking for a creative solution for an event you are running or manage a venue that could benefit from our services please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 04 321 5599.