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Jazz Garden Series

Jazz Garden Series

(Video Credit - Chillout Productions)

The opening event, which was first of seven episodes, took place on Friday 20th October at Habtoor Grand Resort, Dubai Marina and witnessed over 6,000 jazz and blues fans in attendance.

The Jazz Garden Series, partnered with All Events Services to supply the event structures, is a one–day multi–event featuring local and international artists that will run monthly between Oct 2017 and Apr 2018.

All Events Services, UAE specialists in live show & event solutions, have been brought in by Chillout Productions to supply the whole series with range of services including fencing, barriers, platforms and seating.

Christo Trichardt, AES Project & Business Development manager, talks about his long–standing relationship with Chillout Productions,

"I have worked with Chillout Productions over the past 13 years. Over that time I have built a strong relationship with Anthony Younes, Founder & CEO. He is clearly very passionate about jazz and over the years working with him on the Dubai International Jazz Festival, it's obvious his passion is what makes their events so successful.

Anthony's vision for the new Jazz Garden Series is clearly born from recognizing the demand for the niche genre in Dubai, the demand created by the accomplishment of their very own Jazz–Fest.

It's great to work with driven companies such as Chillout Productions, who are motivated by creating fantastic experiences for people. We, at AES, have similar ambitions and we are very pleased to be working on the Jazz Garden Series. We specialise in staging solutions for all types of events and so this project suits AES."

Chillout Production's Founder and CEO, Anthony, gives his thoughts on the opening night of the Jazz Garden Series,

"Although this was the first episode of the first season of Jazz Garden The Series, it is not at all new. This used to be an existing event initially launched in 2008 as a sub–event of the Dubai Jazz Festival, meaning it has an established format and process.

Despite jazz being a niche genre, we find ways to make the outdoor event enticing and compelling to the public. Our focus is on initiating new and exciting concepts to make the live entertainment experience even more stimulating for fans. The uniqueness of Jazz Garden The Series generates excitement. It's not just about the music, it's about the overall experience that makes it the most memorable."

Christo comments on the work AES provided for the live show,

"AES supplied many components for the Jazz Garden event; to begin with we install over 180 running meters of perimeter heras fencing, which we use for crowd control and for securing the boundary of the event space. Alongside the fencing we also supplied and fitted police barriers, these are the lower barriers that we use to control the flow and movement of the people entering and exiting the event.

We brought in ablution facilities to the site, offering everyone a more convenient location to refresh themselves during the event. As you can image these facilities are vital for any outdoor show that offers F&B, it also means the hotel facilities are not required.

AES also brought in 146 picnic tables; these tables were located in front of the main stage and each table can sit 6–8 people. These picnic tables were pre–booked and were sold out well in advance as it is a great deal.

We built an elevated VIP deck over 2 levels for approx. 100 guests, that were situated behind the picnic tables. The VIP deck allows the event to host special guests with lounge seating whilst offering a great vantage point to enjoy the show."

Anthony speaks of the planning and the management of live events, as well as working with AES,

"Our team at Chillout Productions constantly modifies and improves all aspects of the event to make it more relevant and successful. However, it doesn't change the fact that a great deal of effort is being put into the organization and management process.  Unfortunately not all things go as planned. The unexpected always happens and it is up to the organizers how they will adapt, overcome and keep things in perspective. With our team of creative solution providers having over 25 years of experience in events management, we handle everything in the most professional manner. As an events organizer, we are always on the lookout for external partners that we can rely on. They must be certified and licensed in their core business and must have a reputation for being trustworthy.

Hence, we are proud of collaborating with a company like All Events Services who has more than 14 years of experience in providing a comprehensive, high–quality scaffolding program. We can depend on them to deliver a premium solution to world–class events like Jazz Garden The Series."

With such a great turnout of fans, Anthony offers us his thoughts on why last Friday's show was so well received,

"The last edition of the Jazz Garden in 2014 was UAE's biggest free attraction with a daily crowd of 4,000 for seven consecutive nights. When the event was rebranded and re–launched as a stand–alone multiple events in April 2017, the pilot episode had a turn out of more than 4,000 attendees. So this episode's record attendance was expected."

With his Business Development hat on for the evening, Christo was in attendance with some of AES's partners,

"The opening night was great fun and the musical talent on stage was inspiring. The years working on the Dubai Jazz Festival has made me appreciate the music and Friday's artists were fantastic. Our guests also enjoyed the evening and I believe they want to come along to the next one with their own guests.

The turnout for the event, over 6,000 fans, was excellent and more than I personally expected. Anthony and I had an impromptu meeting on the night and we discussed options for future events, to potentially increase the capacity allowing more fans to enjoy the event. So we already have plans to make the next event, on 17th November, to be bigger and better!"

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