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Yasalam Beats on the Beach

Beats on the Beach

Flash Entertainment hosts the yearly "Beats on the Beach" music concert on the Corniche in Abu Dhabi. After receiving the RFQ from the client, AES responsibilities would be for infrastructure build.

We supplied the main stage, hospitality viewing platforms, delay, AV screen supports towers, fencing, barriers and small production elements.

Beats on the Beach is a 3-day music festival, each night world-renowned artists perform on stage to entertain the music fans. The show starts early evening with opening acts followed by the main acts.

Working from a build schedule, agreed by both parties prior to load-in on site, agreeing on schedules gives all parties a better understanding of the guidelines and deadlines to achieve smooth handover.

The fencing is always the first to go in, this sterilizes the venue so that public cannot access the event site for security and safety reasons.

All structures are R&D (AES & Stageco) as per the client's specifications from the concept drawings received.

Using the above mentioned methods ensures that we avoid and tackle as many on-site challenges as possible. The next step would be to do a site mark-out of all structures to ensure it all fits as per the event venue plan. This is supervised/overseen by representatives from our client and AES.

The main stage build is the first to go up, as it sets the front line to work from. Moving forward, we can build all the other structures complementing the main stage i.e. the front of house, delay towers and the hospitality guest platform.

The build time for this event was 6 days and 4 days dismantle. With over 20 crew working on site each day. Being on the beach has its challenges as all plant is required to be 4x4 vehicles.

AES have been in a privileged position to be part of the Yasalam F1 team since 2012.

Flash Entertainment

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